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Ford GT

BBS FI-R Wheel Set

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The Ultimate BBS Performance & Style for the new Ford GT!  We are excited to bring these ultra high tech forged Aluminum wheels to the Ford GT community.  We have worked directly with BBS to build this fantastic wheel. BBS currently supply the factory GT wheel and the race wheels used on the race GT.  The FI-R wheel features styling that mimics the GT race wheels used at LeMans.   Designed as a direct replacement for your stock wheels (forged or CF).   

The Very Best Wheel Available for the new FordGT:

  • Ultra-lightweight

  • Fantastic Performance

  • LeMans Racecar Styling

  • Proven Longevity

  • Built by BBS - the best wheel manufacturer in the world

Perfect Fitment = No Headaches

  • Direct bolt on

    • BBS fitment specific open lug nuts are included (see picture)

  • Fits with stock tires sizes

  • Fits carbon ceramic brakes

  • Protect your CF wheels and run these instead

Wheel Specs (2017+ Models Only):

  • 20x8.5 ET51.5 (same as stock)

  • 20x11.5 ET50.5 (same as stock)

  • Weight: Front = 17lb, Rear = 19.5lb

    • 18.4lbs lighter than stock wheels

      • Stock = 20.8lb & 24.9lb

    • within a half a pound of the factory Carbon wheel set.

      • CF = 16.7lb & 19.6lb

  • Stiffer than the stock wheels:

    • 17% stiffer than the stock front rim

    • 20% stiffer than the stock rear rim

  • BBS center cap as shown in images

  • Test Validation: BBS internal, JWL, TUV

Protect Your Original Wheels

  • Run these wheels instead of your original wheels to increase the value of your car.

    • Your stock wheels are dated coded - which is important for future valuation.

  • CF wheels are expensive to replace so we suggest you set them aside for car shows and casual cruising

  • FI-R specific lug nuts are also provided so you can save your stock nuts from damage

Revolutionary Wheel Technology from BBS = Quality + Performance

  • The FI-R wheels feature amazing machining that removes every bit of metal that is not needed. Per BBS:

Milling the spokes allows BBS to hit just the right balance between wheel weight and stability. Using a special multi-axis CNC milling process, the area of the spokes that do not contribute to its stability can be removed. Before destructive testing is done in our test facility, a computer simulation of the wheel type is subjected to several test cycles using different spoke configurations to already ensure the correct balance is achieved during the construction phase. This technology was first used on our Formula 1 wheels and now we use this special machining operation to improve the performance of many road wheels like the FI-R wheels

  • Produced in Germany at BBS Motorsport

Colors : All In Stock Now!

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • LeMans Grey (same as GT race car)

Some images courtesy Hunter Dreier, Tom Stamp, BBS America & BrandCreative

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FI136 PG 2 Trans.png
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Additional Info

Custom Lug Nuts Included

  • FI-R wheels demand a specific lug nut design to maximize weight savings.

  • We provide black lug nuts that screw into the factory lugs and fit perfectly with the FI-R wheel lug seats.

  • Save your stock nuts with your stock wheels