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Stripes - 2011 Elise R


Very Rare, One Owner Elise R! This Elise R is considered a Series 3 car and the last model that was sold in the US for street use. It is very clean, has low miles and is a 1 owner car. The custom stripes are PAINTED on - very nicely done! This is a naturally aspirated car making 189 hp.

Artic Silver with Black leather interior. Hardtop + Soft Top. Touring package. Two sets of keys. Owners manual.

Here are some of the details:

  • 25k miles

  • Full 60pt preparation

  • Yokohama AD07 tires

  • All fluids changed with Motul

  • Standard suspension

    • or upgrade to:

      • Nitron SS (+$1100)

      • Singles (+1800)

      • Triples (+$3400)

  • Compression tested

  • Cams inspected

  • Full alignment

  • Straight chassis with no damage

  • Standard wheels or upgrade to:

    • stellaCORSE (+$3000)

    • Monolites (+$2799)

    • ETHOS (+$1100)

  • Stock stereo (head unit)

  • Stock muffler or upgrade to:

    • sonicFury Diffuser Exit or Above Diffuser (+$750)

  • Clean CA Title

  • Clean CarFax

Call us now if you would like us to customize this car further with any of our upgrades. 

We have completed several cars who are now in the hands of happy clients!  Buy with confidence knowing that we are refurbishing these cars to a very high mechanical standard.  

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Additional Info


My name is William and I recently purchased a 2005 Elise from Shinoo@InoKinetic. This is my first Lotus so I honestly didn't know where to start with my search. I was referenced to Shinoo through Instagram and sent him a brief message saying that I was simply looking for help with my search. He immediately gave me his number, invited me to his shop that same week, and even let me test drive his personal Lotus. I was immediately sold on buying one. He then told me that he had an Elise for sale that was going through the 111renew service. After seeing Shinoo's extreme attention to detail (he showed me everything there was to see in his shop for about 8 hours...), I knew that was the car for me and put a deposit on the car two days later. 

The car is everything that I was hoping it would be! The shiftR111 makes shifting such an incredible experience in the car, and the sonicFURY exhaust has an awesome tone, backfires the perfect amount, and although it gets quite loud at high RPM's (which I love) it doesn't drone at all. In terms of the 111renew service, Shinoo documented everything that was replaced and showed me the process along the way. I seriously feel like I bought a brand new Lotus!

I would highly recommend buying a car from Shinoo. He is a true passionate car guy, has an incredible attention to detail, and has kept a solid relationship with me even after buying the Elise.

William B. April 2018


There are people who have owned a Lotus because they are beautiful collectors items and there are people who owned a lotus because the harder you drive it, the bigger your smile. If you are in the market for a used Lotus you best be concerned with which kind of person the previous owner was. When I first entered the market, I understood the basics of what to look for in a car but after some research it became clear that some of the quirks that made the Elise so special also made the used market tricky to navigate. It was clear I was going to need a pre purchase inspection and Sector 111 was a name I was familiar with since the days of playing Gran Turismo lusting after a real world example. As I looked to Shinoo for information about a pre purchase inspection I discovered InoKinetic and BlackShadow Motors. 

BlackShadow Motors is a consignment service associated with Inokinetic. It was the perfect opportunity to not only have already be inspected by a name I trust but to be held to their reputation in the community. At a price that was competitive with a private sale, I had a product where every issue I had ever read about had been addressed. Shoot, I even learned about a ton of new quirks about these lovely cars. Over the course of discussions about the car, I was informed with detailed pictures and lengthy emails regarding condition and every aspect of the car that was looked over or replaced in the name of maintenance. New fluids, new brake pads, new brake lines, cams inspected, alignment, aluminum radiator, rear toe link bracing, bolts torqued and paint marked, compression tested, cams checked, etc. After the purchase I drove the car around for a couple months and everything was perfect but in above and beyond fashion, I was told that they would like me to swing by and they would just check up on the car to make sure that there were not any loose ends and that I was a satisfied costumer. The biggest lesson I learned is that you don't just buy a car, you buy into a community and I am very glad that there are shops like this to service our community. 

A.Gustus April 2018